A Letter to my Brother, Dennis

DennisDear Dennis,

You’ll be getting married tomorrow and I know you’ve prepared, waited and prayed for this for a long time. Some relatives would probably be asking why you are getting ahead of me. Don’t mind them because it’s going to be your day. I wouldn’t want any other day for you to be united with Kristine but now.

I remember taking care of you when you were little. I just turned 6 when you arrived. I thought the sound of ‘ate’ will be exciting. There would be times when I had to stop playing so I could look after you. Well, to be honest, I wasn’t that willing all the time (ha!) which is very typical of a kid that age. There was a point when we thought we would lose you. You had a really bad fall from a tree and you turned purple, unconscious and almost lifeless. I could clearly remember how I was trying to recall first aid treatments I learned from grade school because I did’nt want to lose you. I was trying to be really strong then at the age of around 10.

When you started running we would usually jog around the then- so- classic Mandaluyong Circle. We would watch the fishes in the pond and play in the park. Lolo and tatay would take turns every morning.

We used to go New Hope Christian Church in Padre Faura and were so involved in the Kids’ Ministry. Do you remember the time I pushed you to join the Bible Verse Speaking Contest? We rehearsed Psalms 23 all day. This is why I could recite that chapter in a heartbeat. You won. I was so proud of you. You had very clear pronunciation, sparkling white teeth and a great confidence taller than you.

When you were in high school, I was finishing college. There was even a time when I was a Student Teacher in the school where you were at and I would call you “‘tol” and your friends would laugh at us. Am sure you already forgot the time you told me about your first girlfriend. You usually went for smart women.

I also remember learning the guitar with you when we were young. We used a torn chord chart from a song mag. You have come a long, long way; while I was left with Em-G-D-C-A. You hold a guitar now like it’s an extension of your body. I am always in awe watching you play.

Days passed by and we grew farther and farther from each other – mostly my fault. I have lived a life away from you, our family and God. I hope you forgive me. I thank you because you didn’t give up praying for me. I was surprised when you told me you prayed for God to touch my heart again in Nicaragua in some weird way. You know it’s gonna take something unique to get my attention – a camera. He answered your prayer.

More than anything else, I want you to know you are a great brother and a great son too. We’ve been through fire and high waters literally and figuratively. With God’s grace we’ve surpassed two fire incidents (10 years apart), countless floods, financial and family problems and we came out strong and God-fearing. This is the same quality that will make every family successful – fear of God. Everything falls into place after. You will be a good husband to Kristine and a good father to your future children. Keep Him at the center always.

I will not cry tomorrow anymore because I already did the moment I started writing the first word of this letter…

Ok, maybe I will a little. Haha! I am just so happy for you.

I love you both. God bless your special day.




This was originally posted on my original blog http://www.foxllante.com.


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