Lesson from Maxee

maxWe all know the saying, A Dog is a Man’s Best Friend. But are you aware of the line A Cat is a Man’s Best friend too, it’s just too proud to admit it? My cat, Maxee, always wants to be near me. When I am in front of my computer it will stay on the computer table just in front of me. I’d have to move my mouse to the rightmost side of the table so I can use it freely. When I stand up, it will stand up too and follow me. When I go back, it will go back too. When my table is full and it can’t get on it, it will stay on my footstep and look at me as if waiting for a glance. If I move my feet away from it, it will move closer and it seems like as long as a part of its body touches a part of mine, it already feels contentment. When I’m asleep it stays near at the corner of my bed near my feet. When I am a bit far from it especially when I am busy doing something, I’d just sing and it falls asleep with my voice. I don’t even have a good singing voice. Sometimes I can just hum and it instantly closes its eyes in peace knowing that even if I am a bit far and it can’t touch me, it can hear my voice. This reminds me of a character in the Bible – the woman who believed she will be healed just by the touch of Christ’s cloak.

‘If I just touch His clothes, I will be healed.’ – (Mark 5:28)

I learned a very importance lesson from my cat. I should be like Maxee with my relationship with God. We should all be. We should always long to be in the presence of our Lord. We should constantly be making sure we never lose touch of Him. In times that we feel far away from Him we should try to remember His voice (through His words from the Bible) in our ears and believe that He is always faithful to His promises.

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