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Likha Likasan: A Violin Concert


Ever seen or heard someone play a fiddle? A fiddle is an informal word for a violin and hearing it is one of the best musical experiences you’ll ever have. The experience can bring you to a different aesthetic dimension that’s out of the ordinary.

I found out about Casa San Miguel’s LIKHA KALIKASAN Concert a little bit late, about two days before the concert. My friends and I had prior plans. When the “prior plans” did not seem to form any shape and direction, I immediately made up my mind to attend the said concert instead. Two of my friends supported.

This concert features the world renowned Filipino violinist, Coke Bolipata, whose photos you will see below, and Julian Duque, one of his students. Both are stars of the Cinemalaya entry, BOSES, which will be seen in SM Cinemas soon. It is a film about a young boy made mute by his horrible experience of abuse from his own father. His story evolves at the same time as Coke’s character as a musician who is also coping with the death of his beloved wife. Both developed a strong connection through their love for music.


Setting the movie aside, this concert has indeed gained attention and got itself a good number of audience on its own.

Here’s a shot of Coke Bolipata and the kids during a quick rehearsal a few minutes before the concert started.


The concert was composed of 200 kids from Pundaquit Virtuosi of Zambales, the Paco Market Youth Ensemble, the Philippine Christian Foundation Children’s Choir, Magsaysay Children’s Chorale and CENTEX-Manila String Ensemble. According to Coke, these 200 children, primarily from underserved families, have been attending workshops in Music, Film, Visual Arts and Shadowplay for the past year as part of Starbucks commitment to community development through the arts.


Concert highlights were Secret by One Republic, Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, Happy Together by the Turtles, shadowplay to San Pedro’s Sa Ugoy Ng Duyan.


We were also entertained by short films and shadow puppetry.



We didn’t leave the venue until I get a photo and a short talk with Coke and Julian, who, am sure, will be more famous when BOSES gets shown in SM Cinemas this July.



Music, no matter what genre, transcends generations and culture, especially if we open ourselves to it.

To more fiddling!


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