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A Vietnamese Food in the Philippines

chao1In May of last year, I took a solo travel to Palawan, Philippines. To say that Palawan is beautiful is an understatement. They say that God must have spent so much time creating it.

Just like any travel, it was my goal to taste their food. On top of my list was their famous Chaolong.

Chaolong is a Vietnamese noodle dish, which is very popular in Puerto Princesa. History tells us that there were many Vietnamese refugees who fled to Palawan and brought their native cuisine.

Here’s a photo of the place.


I did not have a private car to tour me to the place. But I was ready to take on the adventure of trying the local public transportation. I rented a tricycle I asked the driver not to bring me to an expensive chaolongan (what they call places who serve chaolong) but to the most common go-to of the public.  I wanted to experience it the way the locals do. He did.

They say chaolong goes well with French bread so I tried both. It was a very fulfilling experience. It almost felt like I traveled to Vietnam, which I dream of doing someday.



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