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Manila Bay Beyond Sunset

2011 Pyromusical Competition February 12, 2011


Manila Bay, an almost landlocked bay extension of the South China Sea, is famous for its history and sunset view. It shows a magnificent view of the bright sun kissing the sea. A lot come here to witness this daily miracle. I have come to see this picturesque view myself many times. But there’s more to Manila Bay than the sunset. The sunset is, actually, just to kick off another sight.

From its dark sky that allows fireworks to look more colorful and alive;


5th Pyromusical Competition March 1, 2014


To the city lights from afar;


A view from Harbour Square July 14, 2014


To the bright lights coming from the restaurants and bars along Roxas Boulevard;



July 12, 2014
July 12, 2014


I realized that I have come here more times at night than I have in the daytime. I used to come over under the moon to run, or ride bikes, or eat grilled squid, or sweet corn, and taho, or do all in one visit; stay until the sun rises.


A long time ago with my friend, Mira.


There’s more beyond sunset to Manila Bay to those who are willing to see its dark side. I have surrendered to it many times.


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