The Other Side of the Table

If youblog have been following my posts, you, probably, already know by now that I am part of the training and development team of the company I work for.

Training classes can be very demanding especially when it happens back to back. Being able to impart knowledge and develop others can be very daunting and fulfilling at the same time. Trainers/teachers are known to be the go-to persons of any organization. However, we have to understand that your trainers/teachers also need development.

I grab every chance I get to be at the other side of the table for two reasons:

1. Development.

I take care of other people’s development but who takes care of mine?

2. Humility

When everyone goes to you for answers, it could destroy you if you are not careful. Destroy you in a sense that you might think you know everything, that you hold the absolute truth of all matters, and that you can’t be questioned. No matter how familiar you are with the topic at hand, being on the other side of the table positions you somewhere below yourself and your huge ego. Listening to your teacher (who may be younger, maybe with less experience than you do, maybe newer to the role and the team), and the people you are learning with in the class can humble you and make you realize that you don’t know everything and that there is something new from everybody, always.

I always tell my class that I treat every single person I meet as my teacher. There is always something to learn. Learning is a pursuit. There is no destination to reach. This is one journey where the destination should not be sought after. It would break my heart to see myself in a place where there is nothing else to learn.

What have you learned today? Who was your teacher?

Note: This entry was originally posted on my first site now with a new name.

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