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Inspire Every Day: Revisiting Ayala Museum


July 19 could be the most inspiring day of your life.

Early July, Ayala Museum released this teaser line with some partner brands including Fully Booked. The announcement, for obvious reasons, came with not much details but it was enough to draw me into it. Who would not want to find 1001 ways to be inspired? The museum alone was an attraction. To multiply the inspiration, I tagged along some friends and it was worth staying up late from night shift.

The organizers set up “inspire stations” in each level of the building to offer various sources of delight. At the ground floor, they featured contemporary arts. It was one huge wall of discourse and emotions. It was one of my favorite stations of the exhibit.


It also featured New Frontiers, an already running exhibition program featuring fresh developments in Philippine contemporary works. New Frontiers features Life Force from Jana Benitez, a painter who debuted her artwork at the Ayala Museum in 1998. On a feature by Marge Enriquez for Inquirer, Jana said these words that I bend with:

“I’ve come to realize that the spiritual practice of letting the life force, intuition and passion—things greater than us, really—come through us, is actually rooted in us.”

“Most people tend to shy away from the depth and breath of feeling. We are open to emotions that we enjoy, like happiness and love. But we avoid loss, abandonment, fear, panic and anxiety. Painting allows me to really plunge into the heart of everyday life. The prospect of new experiences and emotions stimulates me. The intensity comes from getting right there and wrestling with the difficult stuff. Fear is excitement. Painting helps me face it.”

How I wish I had met her during the event.

Aside from these paintings, the event, also, offered dioramas of Philippine History (something I found fascinating when I first visited this museum when I was a kid), film showing, exhibit of abstract artworks,  pre-colonial golden treasures, and music from our local artists such as Yolanda Moon, Manila Symphony Orchestra, Up Dharma Down, and more.


To Inspire Every Day is a long term project of the Ayala Museum. The campaign is meant to inspire all to inspire and be inspired.

Indeed, this event gave me countless sources of inspiration –

From a short random meaningful line on the wall,


To a great find to inspire a friend,


To a chance to be with great friends,


To a brimming hope that the generation next to mine will keep this tradition alive,


And an inspiration that wherever this small guy got his huge contribution to the country and the world is the same place we get yours and mine.



Inspire and be inspired every day.

Another great event, Ayala Museum.


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