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My Furry (Sweet) Birthday – Year 7

Furry7In October of 2008, I decided to make a change in how I celebrate my year. I have gotten tired of the parties and the usual jazz. It was, also, in that year that I became a volunteer for PAWS. Every year since then, with the grace of God and the relentless support of family and friends, I get the privilege of doing something for the animals. From animal shelter feeding activities, to raising funds for PAWS’ TNR (trap-neuter-return) efforts, to collecting shelter food and supplies, to sharing gifts to the shelter staff, you have all been with me.

In Furry Birthday’s 7th year, we will do something a little different &… sweet. This will involve another organization very dear to my heart without forgetting our animal welfare drive. We will be bringing bags of chocolates & sweets, animal welfare & personal hygiene postcards, to an Aeta community in Zambales. I am scheduled to spend some personal time with them to observe classes and daily routines of the kids, mingle with the teachers, go around the facilities, and discover other ways that Project Tenfold can help them. I will spend a few days for this and was told of how excited the community is to celebrate. I was hoping to bring them that 32″ flat TV in preparation for a Tenfold event in December but couldn’t afford it so am taking another route.

Once again, for the 7th time, I am using my birthday to ask from you. How can you help? You can do any of the following:

1. Donate chocolates and candies. The treats should be individually wrapped because I will put them all together and then split them into 150 bags. These kids rarely get to taste chocolates. Don’t worry I will remind them to brush their teeth after eating it.

2. Buy. I might sell bags from Blanko to raise money for my fare. Will update you.

3. Donate cash for my fare and postcard expenses.

4. Sketch for me. I need artists for the postcards.

5. Pray for and with me.

Please holler if you are being touched to help.

Special thanks to Clem Jimenez for this awesome invite and all the others in the past years. You are one of my favorite creative minds in the world!

Thank you, all,  in advance for your help. May God bless you and your family, including your furry ones, abundantly.

– Fox


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