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Food Stop: The Backyard

Bring Arman to Maginhawa St. That was the goal. Arman is a good friend of mine. He has not been to Maginhawa St. As soon as my friends and I found out that he will join the Planning Session  (October 19th) of the organization we are all part of, we changed our venue from Kapitolyo… Continue reading Food Stop: The Backyard

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Corn Islands: My Taste of the Caribbean Coast

In April of 2010, I visited the breathtaking Corn Islands. It was a slice of the Caribbean life that I will never forget. The Corn Islands, aka Las Islas del Maíz,  are two islands about 43 miles east off the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua. The Corn Islands were colonized by the British from 1655 until… Continue reading Corn Islands: My Taste of the Caribbean Coast

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The Story of My Hammock Chair

In August of 2009, I was given what I consider, so far,  as the biggest break in my career. I was given the opportunity to travel to Nicaragua and train the leadership team of the site that we were about to launch then. It was what opened so many other adventures for me - enjoy… Continue reading The Story of My Hammock Chair

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It’s Difficult But Not Impossible

The fight for animal care awareness in a developing country such as the Philippines is a daunting task. Animal care expenses come only after all other expenses. Taking care of your pet's needs is seen as a concern only of the well-off. Unwavering efforts from local animal welfare groups and individuals are what's making this… Continue reading It’s Difficult But Not Impossible