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Times have changed. Read the paper, watch the news, or just scroll through your Facebook wall, and you’ll see all sorts of bad news. These sights make it so easy to lose faith in humanity. But we can’t. We just can’t.

If you have been following my blog, you probably have already read about my post on how I celebrated my birthday this year. The first mission was to create awareness on animal welfare among the kids and youth of Aeta Children’s Home. The second was to find ways on how The Project Tenfold Circle can further help them.

Every chance I got, I took notes, captured moments, took photos, and posted some of it on my Facebook wall to call for help. To be honest, every time am about to post a call for help, it’s becomes a leap of faith. I do not know if someone will respond or if it will ever make noise. I sure know that there is a possibility that it will just fall on deaf ears. But just because our human minds are too weak to take a chance, doesn’t mean we can’t.

On the afternoon of my first day of stay, during the kids’ play time, I captured this video.

In a shelter where kids are intentionally not given access to phones and the internet, this is a regular recreation. Something that I wish the kids in Manila can experience, too, to go out and actually play.

I, later, found out that the ball they use for jackstone is … Yes, from that roll-on deodorant.


A few hours after I posted the video, Ms. Joyci Rosario-Cristobal responded and rushed to buy new jackstone kits for the kids. It was even raining when she met with me to hand over the toys.


The next day, I posted a video of the kids watching Superbook. Every night after dinner, they are given a chance to watch DVDs, mostly Superbook episodes. My heart melted. I have a 32-inch TV at home and I still feel like it’s not big enough for me (a film and tv show fan here!).

When I came back to work, my very own boss told me that he will do everything to give that TV. Guess what? God made it possible. He reached out to his own friends to call for help and they responded. Wow!



The TV may still be too small compared to the dreams of these kids and to the big hearts of the generous people who made this possible, through the efforts of my boss, Mr. Toni Villafuerte. But to see these kids finally seeing the audio-visual effects clearly and enjoy what they are watching the way kids should is just the big picture we all want to see.

Care for more?

After writing an entry about how the animal awareness talk went, another individual responded to the call for help. I asked for pet supplies such as dog shampoo for Samson (dog on the photo) and three other dogs in the shelter.


Ms. Dhine Santos completed the online form attached to the blog entry and expressed her willingness to help. We immediately set up a day we can meet so she can hand over her assistance. We bought dog shampoo, and other pet supplies.


If you aren’t convinced yet of how reliable humans are, see this:


An abundant supply of donations for the launch of our I Am C Club, donated by FDO MNL, friends, and supporters. Read more about it from this entry.

Calling for help can be difficult sometimes, especially when you feel like no one is responding to your call. But you know what I learned from these experiences? More than trying to establish and keep my faith in others, it’s a little difficult to shush my own doubts. More often than not, I had to tell myself not to falter and not to give up, silently. I call my faith the ‘chicken faith’. But God is always willing to meet us in our level of faith. It’s amazing how, in the process, whether you are the one asking for help or the one giving help, we get something out of it. How each side is a learning and gaining experience.

Thanks to all who responded to the call. Some of you were not named on this entry but you know who you are – from the bags of candies, to the stuffed toys, to the transportation means, to every little thing and time you gave. Whether it’s a 40-inch TV or a jackstone kit, it is what it is – an act of compassion and selflessness.

Don’t get tired of doing good. We will see the fruits of our labors.

“Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time, we will reap a harvest if we don’t give up.” 

Galatians 6:9

NOTE: If you are being blessed to help us in our endeavors Please feel free to complete this online form and someone will get in touch with you. Thank you.

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