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PROJECT TENFOLD: Propelled to Serve in 2015

We all get better in time. If we treat each person we meet and each experience we get as teachers, we become wiser. We, at Project Tenfold Circle, try to be better each year. For an organization whose volunteers are all full-time employees in our own fields, and are not very well-versed in running a non-profit organization, every moment is a learning experience.

When 2015 started, we decided that we should come up with a theme to guide us for the whole year. It wasn’t easy to come up with one just like that. I’d say that a divine intervention is needed.

Days after, while on my way to Bacolod in a plane, it came to me. Seated on the wing side of the plane, I was looking through the window trying to find inspiration with my vision towards the clouds and the sky. Frustrated, I half-closed the window. With a changed point of view, I saw the propeller. I like airplanes. I always say it is man’s greatest invention – for one object to ascend, fly, stay up there, and descend to a desired location, propelled by so many calculated factors, is amazing! When I got off the plane, I was grateful because I was reminded of what it is that should propel us to serve others. It should be the desire to glorify the audience of One.

Art by Clem Jimenez.

It is indeed a year of Service for Project Tenfold.

Let us reminisce some of them today and count our blessings.


Planning & Review Session

We kicked off the year by holding our annual Year-end Evaluation, 2015 Planning Session, and Volunteer Appreciation activity. It was just a simple day but it was very fruitful. Not everyone was able to attend but we were supported by the rest of the Circle in spirit. All the activities for the coming year are discussed during this event.




I Am C Club (Quarterly Supply of Hygiene Kits for 2015)

In December of last year, we launched I Am C Club. It aims to empower, train, and support selected potential leaders of the Aeta Children’s Home as agents of sanitation and personal hygiene. We promised to send them a one-year supply of hygiene kits (quarterly). We were able to find 20 sponsors each quarter to supply these needs to these leaders. There were also basic hygiene kits sent to the rest of the 120 kids and youth in the shelter.

Here’s a link to get more details on I Am C Club .

Quarter 1 Visit
Quarter 2
Quarter 2 Visit
Quarter 3
Quarter 3 Visit
Quarter 4 Visit
Quarter 4 Visit


Redemption & Shopping Booth

Got some gently used clothes, bags, shoes, and other items? We find good use to them by bringing them to our Aeta friends who need them. Based on a point-system, they ‘buy’items from our shopping booth.

Here are a few photos of the kids and the shopping booth.







It is also in this year that we were graced by precious souls to add spice to our activities. We launched our Art Club and Basketball Clinic led by these three talented individuals, Deck Garcia, Mark Odoemene, and Per Gonzales. We were amazed by their talents.


Photo by Mhon Cinco.


New Friends

It is, also, in this year that we got to meet new friends whose hearts for kids are just as burdened as ours are – Law, Nick, Ma An, Toni, RJ, and friends.


Photo by Mhon Cinco.


Love in 100 Shoe Boxes 2015

100 kids. 100 sponsors. To put all the love you can give inside a small shoe box. From a total stranger to a needy kid in Baseco, Tondo – a slum area in Manila. Project Tenfold has, once again, become the bridge of help. We got support from so many good souls, from the gifts, to the food, to the transportation expenses. They were provided for by concerned friends and supporters.

Art by Clem Jimenez.
Art by Clem Jimenez.


Photo by Waves dela Fuente.

Here’s more from our 2013 event.


Fund-Raising Events

We cannot do all our activities without funding. This year, we held some fun fund-raising events with the help of our friends. The first was our popularity contest featuring three of our friends who were all willing to do it for a cause – #gwapoforacause. Thanks to Jean Abobo, Mel Jamias, and Jelo Pineda, it is indeed gwapo to be able to do something for a good cause.

Art by Clem Jimenez.

We, also, collected gently used items from our friends and supporters and put up a Thrift Shop. Thanks to Sitel – Pioneer 1 for allowing us to do this. It was win-win for all. We got to raise funds, our buyers got to buy items at very affordable prizes, and donors were able to de-clutter and donate.

Thanks to all who donated to and bought from our Shop.



New Volunteers

This year, our Circle became bigger with the addition of these volunteers.





This year, we kicked off our Adopt-A-Family project. With the help of a social worker, we were able to select 50 of the poorest families in a community in Zambales. We gave 50 teams the list of the family members (age, gender) assigned to them. They put together bags and boxes of donations for their ‘families”. Although we were not able to distribute the bags as scheduled due to the recent typhoon, we were able to collect all of them and stock them in a safe place to be back on January 9th for the distribution. Thank you, FDO P1, for adopting these families.


With God’s abounding grace, this year has been fruitful. If we weren’t guided by His direction, none of these will ever happen. Doing this kind of work is never easy. A lot of times, it takes away our time to rest after a long day at work. But to see the outcome of what we do, is something to look forward to.


What we do in Project Tenfold can never change the whole world. It won’t help everyone. We simply can’t. But –

If we can help just one child in our lifetime to dream, have hope, to not let poverty get in the way, to trust in humanity once more, to see God’s work everywhere, then it is worth every bit of help, every effort, every pride to swallow in asking for help, every minute taken away from resting. That’s what keeps us going! More than anything, we know that we do this for the greater good, and the Audience of One.

Whatever you do, whether you eat or drink, do it all for the glory of God.

– 1 Corinthians 10:31

To every single person who extended help, prayed for and with us, THANK YOU! May the good Lord bless you abundantly.

New Theme for 2016

This coming year, we are excited to share our new theme. We will still be propelled to serve but would like to do it one kindness at a time.

Art for Project Tenfold by Clem Jimenez.


So then, as we have opportunity, let us do good to everyone. – Galatians 6:10


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