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Art Fair 2016 : Art for Everyone

Art Fair Philippines did it again! They have, once again, fulfilled their mission to turn our eyes to the works of our Filipino art practitioners. In one place, they brought together local and international artists, enthusiasts, collectors, fans, and curious individuals.

Last year, I couldn’t help but share my top ten favorites. Never take my word for it. Hope you got to see it for yourself this week. This year’s visit was more fun because more friends came with us. Let me share with you some precious moments.


  • From a family to yours.

Here’s Raffy Napay’s Family. Using thread, Napay showcases the strong ties that bind a family. I got a little bit curious as to why he used this as his medium. With a little research, I found out that he had adverse reaction to paint, thus the switch. I also learned that his mother was a dressmaker. This may have influenced his medium of expression. Being a daughter of a tailor, I recalled images of these materials and how I played with them, too, when I was little.

Photo by Sugar Canto.

If you look closely, the family members are connected to each other and are all taking comfort and shade under a tree. If you check the other side of it, you will be brought to a dark room and see the use of luminescent thread materials. It highlighted things that you will not immediately see on the other side. Can you see the glowing hearts?



  • What Do You See? 

Here’s the eye-catching Kilas : Unveiled Seeing with Heightened Perceptiveness. While I feel that not everyone is comfortable staring at a wall full of eyes staring back at them, I find this very cathartic. It’s like someone has just let you into some private thoughts and ideas. That even a blank stare is a heightened perspective.


I wished that I could just magically create the same piece of art that moment and show what I see looking at these windows of the soul.

I also wondered whose or what perspective each one was based on.

One thing’s for sure – it was a sight to see.


  • Physically tired, yes. But eyes and soul were well fed. 

The exhibit occupies the 5th, 6th, and 7th floors of The Link car park. The 7th floor offers a very inviting spot to rest – bright wall with letter cutouts and a ‘lawn’to step on. This spot is a special exhibit from Pam Yan-Santos.

Spot PH perfectly puts into words what the artist wants to achieve here.

She scatters 700 wooden letter cutouts across the walls inviting viewers to make sense of them. This represents the speculative environment of art events… The intention behind the letters and the lawn is to stop people in their tracks, let them catch their breath, and slow them down. 

It did exactly that!


  • The depth of a surface. 

Infinity Series by Mark Justiniani plays with your eyes and imagination using reflective objects and attention to details.

Photo from Sugar Canto.
Allegoria – Photo from Sugar Canto.

Stare and be brought in. Pieces like these allow you to allow your mind to debate on what’s real and what’s not. They allow your mind to travel farther than what your eyes can see. I say let it for the experience.

Allegoria – Photo from Sugar Canto.


  • Made by the sea.

What can be more beautiful than nature? Not sure if Art Fair Philippines will be able to or plans on bringing their event to a venue closer to nature or the beach in the future. But for now, they brought it to the event instead with different images and themes that bring us closer to it. Thanks to Martha Atienza’s special exhibit,


  • Human struggles & faith shaped thru metal.

Undeniably my favorite experience of all this year. I cannot even begin to explain why. The experience just blew me away.


Daniel dela Cruz‘s His Only Son exhibit is housed in a dark, cold room that gives you the total experience – sight, feel, sound, imagination, empathy, and self-reflection.

His Only Son revolves around this piece below and the message of salvation in John 3:16.  It’s a figure of a child wearing a crown of thorns.


Then, as you enter, you will see images of the artist’s depiction of the beatitudes. Here’s one of them:

Blessed are the merciful: Photo from Sugar Canto. 


Photo from Art Cube Philippines. 


As you move forward, you will notice a shift to his depiction of the Seven Deadly Sins thru images placed inside what looks like damaged glasses. Here are samples:

Art Cube 2
Greed – Photo from Art Cube Philippines

You will also spend time looking at this depiction of different people from different walks of life in what looks like a church. When you get a chance, don’t rush. Spend time looking at each of the images. It will speak to you.

The Glass Withers and the Flower Fades

Here’s a of the Cathedral collection without the crowd from Art Cube Philippines.

Photo from Art Cube Philippines.
Photo from Art Cube Philippines.

From his interview with , Daniel described His Only Son as,

…an exhibit, is a simple declaration of my personal faith and belief in Jesus and God. It is not, in any way, intended to be preaching but simply a way for me to remind people of the sacrifice that Jesus endured for our sins out of His love for us.

If  one would study all the works in this collection, one would notice that there is only one work where I represented Christ; all the rest of the works are mainly of regular people. Around Christ are vignettes of people from those who are Holy, to those who are sick and suffering and even to thieves, deceivers, and sinners. If there is a message I want to impart here, it would simply be to say that all of us, whoever we may be, or whatever we may be doing have been given equal chance of redemption and salvation through the sacrifice of our Lord Jesus. He did not come to the world to judge and condemn; He came and sacrificed himself to offer us eternal life.

Everyone is indeed worth the salvation. Everyone is a recovering sinner.

Photo from Art Cube Philippines.
Photo from Art Cube Philippines.


  • It is important to support the art of the new generation. 

Perhaps, the most important thing that came out of this event was bringing this budding artist to events like this. Shai, sister of a good friend, is slowly discovering her artistic side thru sketching. To expose her to the talents of other artists will hopefully inspire her more to continue and let her know that she is supported.

Am glad that Art Fair offers a very affordable entrance ticket for students (free for students of Makati). Asher, our little boy on an earlier photo, was allowed to get in for free.

I wish to see more young artists highlighted in the next events. Youth of different stations in life. Or maybe, a Junior Art Fair Ph.

Art Fair Ph 2016 is indeed another one to cherish. Other than sharing my experience with you, I hope that this writing somehow shows you that art is for everyone. You don’t have to know art jargon to appreciate it. You don’t have to learn the studies around it to learn to appreciate. It can definitely give you a wider perspective, yes. But don’t let the lack of it stop you from coming to art. I believe that art doesn’t even require you to make sense of it. You just let it capture you or you capture it. You just understand it or misunderstand it. See it or let it see you. See something or see nothing. It can be nature, it can be religion, it can be nothing, it can be imagination, it can be anything.

There are really no rules!

See you next year!




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