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Batanes Accommodation: Timetravel Lodge

We were set to stay in Batanes for 7 nights and 8 days. Our planned trips could easily be finished in three to four days but I wanted more than just the tours. I was determined to slow down and know her more. And maybe, let her know me, too.

With tourism being one of Batanes’ growing sources of income, I’d say that there are a lot of accommodation options for travelers. We closed ours at least more than a month ahead. We were set to arrive during the summer season so I expected that there will be an influx of tourists so it’s good to book early. My initial plan was to stay at different places – get different perspectives. In the end, after reviewing our itinerary, I decided that it is best to stay in one place. Packing every two days may eat time.

After research and budget consideration, we made a decision to stay at Timetravel Lodge. Owned by Padi and his wife, Leah, and taken care of by long time friends, Linda and Jaime. Ate Linda, a gracious hostess, took care of us from beginning to end. She made us feel well accommodated.


They have three rooms (second floor under construction). Standard rates are:
Fan Room – Php1800/night for 2
AC Room – Php2500/night for 2

Nights in Batanes can get really cold so you may want to go fan room if there is really no need for an AC.  Rates are a lot cheaper, of course, if there’s more of you. We only paid P2000/night per room good for the five of us. That’s two double beds and one air bed – Php2800/pax for 7 nights and 8 days. Not bad!

Space for star gazing at night and drone practice in the morning for us. Second floor is under construction, which affected the maintenance of the bermuda grass. The owners were apologetic.

It has wifi (not very strong connection, just like in almost any part of Batanes), bathroom with hot and cold shower, towels, blanket, and toiletries.


It has TV, and electric outlets for your charging needs.


There is also a kitchen that allows you to cook your own food. They usually charge per meal and you may want to ask. Despite, it is still a lot cheaper to pay for that charge than eat out, especially in Batanes.


Unfortunately, I was not able to take a photo of the laundry area and dirty kitchen for you but it is spacious enough. There is one per room but is an open area and you get to see other tourists using their own. There’s an area where you can hang clothes for drying – ideal for those who prefer to travel light and wash and wear clothes, like us.

Outside your rooms are more spaces to allow you to meet other guests of the house. Fortunately and unfortunately, the lodge was all to ourselves on our first 6 days. There was an elderly couple who arrived on our 7th day and we only got to chat a little bit. They were set to stay for three days and are from Quezon City. We were told that their trip was sponsored by their children.


There is free unlimited coffee and a supply of drinking water. There’s a fridge that you can use, an honesty store and a store nearby for your other needs.




And oh, we loved the chairs. It reminded me of my trip to Nicaragua. Look at this!

Photo: Sugar Canto

When you search the net for hotels in Batanes, you will find a lot. There’s the famous Marfel’s Lodge, the pricey yet truly beautiful Fundacion Pacita, Batanes Seaside, and the government-owned Batanes Resort. All are good choices and your decision will depend on what you are willing to give and take.

I like Timetravel Lodge for the following reasons:

  1. Affordability. Php2000/night for 5 pax for 8 days and 7 nights is good enough. Plus, we were only asked to deposit a portion of it. We were given an official receipt before we left. It helped our budget planning.(For more tips, see this.)
  2. Hospitality. Aside from the very gracious hostess, Ate Linda, I was also in constant communication with the owner before the trip. I was given tips on how we can get our money’s worth.
  3. Closer to Everyday Life. Although a seaside view is tempting, I settled for a place that is closer to a residential area. We were going to the beach and see landscapes and seascapes during the tours anyway so I saw the need  to see the everyday life of the place when not on tour instead. We got to walk the streets, the market, discover great places, talk to locals, buy from sari-sari stores, etc.
  4. Availability. Almost everything we needed was made available – kitchen, insect spray, extra blankets for the colder nights, change of schedule, spur of the moment decisions, place to wash and hang clothes, airport transfers (even if airport was just a few minutes away), connections (Ate Linda knows who to call all the time, market, trike, other tourist destination contacts, Sabtang homestay, tour guide, etc).
  5. Cleanliness. Place was properly maintained.
  6. Honesty. Well, there is honesty and trust almost everywhere in Batanes, I can tell you that. When we paid our accommodation, we thought the rate was per day so we paid Php16,000. Ate Linda returned the Php2000 as she said the rate was per night. We got to use the excess for some extra activities on the last two days.

It was a good decision to make Timetravel Lodge our home in Batanes.


If you are planning on visiting Batanes soon. Hope you consider staying at Timetravel Lodge. Their contact details are:

Linda – +639-623-89-78

You may also find them on Facebook here. Enjoy your trip!




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