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PROJECT TENFOLD: Ladders to Hygiene

On a previous post, we shared with you Project Tenfold Circle‘s I Am C Club project for 2015.

Just because 2015 is over, doesn’t mean we stop. Last week, we visited again to check on progress, reinforce previous efforts, introduce the purpose of the effort to the new students, and bring in some hygiene supplies generously donated by friends and supporters.

For this visit, we wanted to set up an activity that will let the kids go through a learning experience. Pretty much most of our activities do. We believe that an experience leaves a more lasting effect than lecturing or just giving away of material things.

We have put up four different stations for the kids. The kids were given a map that shows ladders to said stations.

Photo Credit: Mhon Cinco


Our volunteers Jhen, Mira, & Den, prepared interactive activities to get all kids engaged and learning. This station wanted to show the kids a picture of what can happen if we don’t take care of our hair.


Photo Credit: Mhon Cinco

After the activity, they stamped their map and gave them hair care products.

Photo Credit: Mhon Cinco

STATION TWO: Dental Care

Our Dental Care volunteers Bryce, Prince, & Mia prepared videos that will stir up the interest of the kids. Then they gave away a set of toothpaste & toothbrush.


Photo Credit: Mhon Cinco


This station is led by three volunteers Lorraine, Sugar, and Jai.


Teachers Lorraine and Sugar came prepared with a dice and an activity that will teach the kids on how to take care of their body and how to use the supplies we brought for them while Jai assisted them.

Photo Credit: Mhon Cinco
Photo Credit: Mhon Cinco

After completing all stations, the kids presented their maps with complete stamps to the final station to get their prizes. Their prize is a chance to choose two more items from a table of hygiene supplies.

Photo Credit: Sugar Canto
Photo Credit: Sugar Canto
Photo Credit: Sugar Canto
Photo Credit: Sugar Canto

The kids didn’t get fancy, expensive prizes but look at their faces. We don’t get to see the return of our investment right away but we know that we know it will turn into something good or, maybe, better. That it might even send us unexpected dividends when we least expect it.

Photo Credit: Sugar Canto
Photo Credit: Sugar Canto

More importantly, we believe we gave them a spark of hope. Something that can easily be taken by poverty.

THANKS to all who helped us make this happen. May the good Lord give you back all these a thousandfold.

Photo Credit: Mhon Cinco


Other activities that happened during this visit are: 

3rd Basketball Clinic
ABAKADA Drive (3rd Group)
Teachers Helping Teachers
Village Visit & Planning for the Water Tank Installation
Junior Tenfold Appreciation Day

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