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Books For Less 2016: The Book Warehouse is Back!

And the ocean of books for Php20 each is back! Books For Less kept its promise to bring their successful Book Warehouse back. Situated in the same spot at 643 Mercedez Avenue, San Miguel Pasig, they opened their almost month long sale yesterday. They are open August 1st- 31st except 8th, 15th, and 22nd from 9AM to 6PM.

My friends and I got our first dive on the first day. We arrived at around 9:30 in the morning. Just enough people to make the shopping comfortable and alive.


The arrangement of the books is pretty much as it was the last time – books for the kids in the middle, easy to reach in case you are with your kiddos, cook books and teen fiction also in the middle. Novels, self-help books, and other references, usually found in shelves around the area, which also served as the walls of the venue. The place looks easy to navigate. Staff was very accommodating for any assistance needed. There were more people to assist this time around. They’ve also prepared boxes for your pile of selection in case you need it. Special thanks to Karen, BFL’s Marketing and Social Media Handler who is always very pleasant to talk with, accommodating of inquiries, and is obviously doing a great job.


What’s new? They now sell drinks and snacks for that quick tummy fix. There is also a rest room at the far end right of the venue. (Not sure if it was made available too last time.)


My friends and I didn’t just go here to score good books for ourselves. Today was more special. We searched for books that The Project Tenfold Circle will use for our literacy drive and upcoming reading center. All in all, we were able to buy 83 books for Php1660, Php1000 of which goes to cause.


Some books will be given to children who need it but whose parents cannot afford it, some will be used for our Thrift Shop to raise more funds to cover logistics of cause, and some as references for future projects. All books bought for this cause was covered by a donor who shared her blessings. If you are feeling generous today and would like to help, let us know. If you don’t have time and have the money, we can do the shopping for you. All we wanted is to give these kids a shot in this world.

Photo By Mhon Cinco. ABAKADA Drive of Project Tenfold in Zambales, PH
Photo By Mhon Cinco. ABAKADA Drive of Project Tenfold in Zambales, PH

Not everyone can afford a good book. When I was in college, I would save up to buy my books. Sometimes, I would photocopy someone else’s just to get that chance to call the book mine. I would jump from one library to another, sign up for free entrances, follow book sales. Sales like this aren’t just sales to me. Although we know these are mostly hand-me-downs, they are golden opportunities especially for those who cannot afford the original price. For a student to get her hands full of books she selected for her own at a little over Php100, isn’t that something? Well, this girl was extremely happy. And these are the sights worth seeing.


If you have time, drop by and lose yourself.


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