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Project Tenfold: One Kindness At A Time in 2016

Project Tenfold Circle built its road to its 7th year on one strong foundation – kindness, One Kindness At A Time. This theme became the springboard of all activities for the year. Kindness upon kindness from supporters and friends survived the year. This post hopes to recall all these.

Adopt A Family 

A 2015 yearend project that crossed over 2016. Fifty teams from C1 FDO Manila of Sitel sponsored bags and boxes of goodies for a family assigned to each. Receiving families were from outskirts of Castillejos, Zambales who had to endure hours of travel in order to reach the venue for the distribution. 


Photo: Sugar Canto
Photo: Sugar Canto

You may also catch this video

Annual Assembly: Assess. Appreciate. Plan. Execute.

To sit down together, appreciate volunteers, leverage on accomplishments, learn from mistakes, and plan for the future, are what makes this event very crucial.  This year’s was held at Crystal Beach Resort in Zambales



Junior Tenfold

Project Tenfold invests a lot in the youth. It is an investment whose returns do not show right away but will send unexpected dividends in due time. This is what drives this effort. This year, the  volunteers conducted another one of those regular meetings with all of them. One on one sessions were also done to know them more – their needs, hopes, and dreams.



This drive is our effort to promote literacy and love for reading. Through the help of sponsors, learn-how-to-read booklets were given away to selected group of kids. They are as follows: 

20 children in a pre-school in Basco, Batanes (some didn’t make it to the photo)


16 children in Sabtang, Batanes (plus a set of school supplies each)

With the children is the village’s captain, Roni.

The setting on this photo is just as equally beautiful as the characters in this story

30 children in Brgy. Manggahan, Zambales (plus toys and school supplies)

Photo: Sugar Canto


We distributed these booklets in the hopes that it will open the opportunities of teaching and/or learning how to read. 

I Am C Club: Ladders of Hygiene 

I Am C Club is a project launched in 2015. Its goal is to promote hygienic practices of the youth from our partner Aeta community. We do this by continuously providing teaching sessions and supplies they can use. This year’s was conducted with a little twist, an activity-based Ladders of Hygiene, which you’ll know more about from here.

Project Tenfold distributed about 200 hygiene kits for the children, youth, and staff of Aeta Children’s Home. Supplies were sponsored by various friends and groups. There were also bottles of vitamin c donated and given away.

Photo: Sugar Canto
Photo: Mhon Cinco
Photo: Mhon Cinco

Basketball Clinic 3

The successes of the first two clinics led to this third. With the leadership of one of the volunteers who also happen to be a basketball enthusiast, Thel, combined with the expertise of basketball coaches, Mac and Pher, and the enthusiasm of the aspiring players, this event just had to be done often.

Photo: Mhon Cinco
Photo: Mhon Cinco

Tenfold Birthdays

Occasionally, certain individuals sign up for Tenfold Birthdays. These are special projects assigned to birthday celebrants who wish to do something more meaningful for their birthdays. This year Redj signed up to help collect more hygiene items for the I Am C Club program.


Tenfold Green Mondays

The internet is a very powerful tool in this age. It’s amazing how far a post can go and how wide its reach can be. Mondays become more meaningful for Project Tenfold as it has been used to leverage the social media to send green reminders – tips that are so simple and common that they become easy to disregard.

19.jpgFundraising Events

Project Tenfold has conducted several events to raise funds. This includes Thrift Shops and Tenfold merchandise sales. A success made possible by all sponsors, donors, and supporters.

Photo: Sugar Canto
Photo: Sugar Canto



Message Cent

Raises funds using those often disregarded cents in order to help in spay/neuter efforts. 8 bottles full were received this year.


Reading Center

Still far from the vision but with very clear path, Project Tenfold has started one of its dreams – putting up a Reading Center.


The first one being put up at Aeta Children’s Home. Cabinets and couches have been set up. More to come.


Potable Water for Sitio Dam

Beautiful Sitio Dam in Manggahan Castillejos deserves to have access to clean drinking water. Project Tenfold promised to help.


A promise meant to be fulfilled. Project Tenfold wishes to help provide this basic access need through the help of all supporters. This project kicked off in October. As soon as the water tank was bought, kids were free given the hand to beautify it through the guidance of Art Teacher, Deck.

With the leaders of Sitio Dam.
Photo: Sugar Canto
Photo: Sugar Canto

As you can see, it has been a fruitful year for a very small organization such as Project Tenfold. This is only because each person who played a part in each made a decision to take that ONE step. The rest just followed.

We all had our share of kindness – being the giver and the receiver. Project Tenfold encourages that we all share our kindness stories. Tag Project Tenfold in yours with #TenfoldKindnessStories and you may be featured on the page.

As this year ends, Project Tenfold is getting ready to fully swing a new one, Volunteers Everywhere.

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