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Project Tenfold: Message Cent 2017

Message Cent is a sub-project of Furry Birthday, a personal birthday advocacy for the welfare of animals. It collects those often disregarded 5, 10, and 25 centavos hoping to raise funds to cover spay and neuter efforts of animal shelters or of pet owners who cannot afford it.

Photo taken in 2009, on Furry Birthday’s second year.

Message Cent has sponsored a couple of shelter feeding sessions and a decent amount of money to cover TNR efforts of PAWS.

Here are a few photos from some of these events:




This year, Project Tenfold has officially taken Message Cent to be one of its projects. The funds collected will sponsor one cat or dog at a time.


The first to receive this year is Kili from Purr Haven Cat Sanctuary. Purr Haven is a personal advocacy of Nyree Belen, who was also a key person in the launch of Message Cent by providing our very first coin bottles, dedicated to the rescue, care and re-homing abandoned, abused and helpless street cats.


Here’s Kili story from Nyree herself.

When someone leaves a newborn kitten at your gate with umbilical cord still attached, would you have the heart to walk away?
I couldn’t.
Kili was left at our gate – whether by a human or by his mama who was trying to move him, I don’t really know. What I do know was this kitten was in the brink of dying on a cold pavement, crying for who knows how long.
Without any protection from the harsh weather or any predators, I didn’t have the time to wait for his mama to go back for him. Even when I was full, I decided to make room for him in a heartbeat.
I scooped him up quickly placed him inside a pet carrier with towels. I dried him off and warmed him up before giving him a bit of water to make sure he had some hydration in him. I then took him to the vet clinic for a quick check up.
After getting a clean bill of health, I hand fed Kili until he was big enough to be introduced to the other Purr Haven Cats.
Kili has now grown into a handsome cat and is scheduled for his neuter procedure at CARA on February 6. After this he will be ready for adoption. 
We hope that our current cent collection will be enough to cover Kili’s neuter case.
We also hope to  be able to collect more to pay for more. Help us.

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