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Guide: Getting the Most of Your GetGo card

No better way to keep customer loyalty but through rewards. Most of my flights are booked via Cebu Pacific because of their GetGo Lifestyle Rewards Program and its convenience in both earning and using points. I have had my card since 2015, the year they first launched it. Been using it since. I have also gotten an extra as a gift and another virtual number that went along with our new EMV (payroll) card. All of which I have merged into one account. How cool!

I have already booked a number of free flights for myself and for others using just the GetGo points I earned. If you have not created an account for yourself or may already gotten one but are not maximizing its benefits, this may be helpful. I will share all the helpful links at the end of the post.


  • Register through the GetGoPh website. It automatically generates a GetGo number for you. Prior to November 27, 2017, personalized cards can be requested and delivered to your address for Php150. Now all points earned no longer requires a physical card. However, they are now introducing the GetGo Peso+ to serve as the new membership card. This is a re-loadable pre-paid card that comes with a GetGo membership.
  • Get it as complimentary when opening accounts from their selected partners. For example, Unionbank GetGo allows you to earn 1 GetGo pt for every Php88* spend through VISA. It assigns you a GetGo number upon account opening. If you already have a GetGo number, you can just link the number to it. *Eligibility may change.


  • The old GetGo membership card still works wonders! It can still be used as is especially if you already have existing pre-paid and/or credit cards linked to your membership. In fact, you get to benefit twice from the same transaction. For example, if i use my Unionbank’s debit card linked to my GetGo number at Robinsons, I earn 1pt for every Php100* spend at the Department Store and 1pt for every Php200* spend at the Supermarket aside from the points I get from Unionbank. They call this the “Double Dip” to fly faster. *Eligibility may change.
  • Or simply
    • Book flights via Cebu Pacific Air and CebGo and earn 1pt for every Php5*. When you book your flight, you will be prompted to enter your GetGo number to ensure credit 7 days after flight. They used to allow points to retro from past flights. Now they don’t so make sure your GetGo number is already added to your Cebu Pacific account or that you add it when you book, or when someone else books for you, or when you check in.
    • Shop or transact with GetGo partners such Lazada, Agoda, Go Hotels, and more to earn more points or get more rewards or discounts.
    • Convert rewards from their partners credit or reward cards into GetGo points.

*Eligibility may change.


#FlyForFree and get to personally manage your account.

  • Book a flight by logging on to your GetGo account and clicking on Redeem. Cebu Pacific always announces if they have GetGo promos. With just 10 points each way, I was able to book five domestic flights for myself and others March of last year from their promo below. If your points are not enough, you will be allowed to top up with cash to complete your booking.
Image taken from their Facebook page.
  • Using their recent feature GetGo Fare Finder from their Beta site, you can easily find which destination best suits your available points or how much points more you need for your target destination.
Screenshot from their beta site.
  • Another feature is being able to see your earned points. It used to only show number of points earned but not when and where exactly you got the points. This is particularly difficult for those who have more than one source of GetGo points.  Am glad GetGo made this change.
Screenshot from their beta site.
  • You can also create your own Earning and Sharing Circles. Earning Circle allows you to pool together your GetGo points with up to 8 members including the assigned Head. What this means is you can book flights as a group. This is perfect for Family & Barkada Travel Goals! The Sharing Circle allows you to share your points for others. This is what I did when I booked flights for friends and family. Both Circles have a lock-in period of six months. This means you cannot change the names you have added until six months.


  • Flash your GetGo card in selected partners and get free items. We have gotten freebies from restaurants just by doing so. Cebu Pacific’s in-flight games also sometimes ask for this in exchange for prizes. You will learn of this promo from their social networks or from GetGo logos from their partners. This below is a sample promo.



Just like any account information, it is important that we take care of it. Sadly, rewards fraud is also possible. Stick to visiting only authorized Cebu Pacific sites or links to partner sites. Be wary of phishing emails that will ask for your login information. Always report suspicious links to GetGo.


As promised, here are the helpful links for your review.

  • Create your new account or link your accounts from here or from their beta site here.
  • Know GetGo’s list of partners here.
  • Avail of the their Pre-paid + membership card from here.

I hope this post has helped you get the most out of your GetGo card or your Cebu Pacific flights!


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4 thoughts on “Guide: Getting the Most of Your GetGo card”

  1. Hello! 🙂 I hope you can help me with some questions re: GetGo. 🙂

    Just last week, I made a GetGo account. (such a waste for joining late! had a couple of flights in the past :()
    From what I’ve read on the GetGo website, I won’t be receiving a card, which is a bummer!

    Can I earn points from partner establishments e.g. Robinson’s Dept. Store, and Rob Supermarket by just giving my GetGo number to the cashier?
    Also, I booked an international flight for Sept., can I input my GetGo account prior to the flight, or should I just do so upon check in?

    Thank you for this post! I now understand how the earning & sharing circle systems work. 🙂

    1. Hello. So sorry for this late reply. Yes , they no longer issue cards. Not sure if their partners do, like when you open a savings at unionbank. not sure. i don’t think you can give the number to the cashier but maybe you can try, i haven’t.

      You have to input your getgo as you book. there is a space provided for it. When i went to Siargao, I remember being prompted to enter my GetGo upon self check -in because I wasn’t able to enter it when booking a year before said flight. Not sure if that will happen in all booking. so i suggest you emter it as you book. they no longer backtrack once flight is done.

      hope this helps.

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