About Me

DPMy name is Fox.

I am a teacher, a life learner, a Filipina bitten by the notorious travel bug, a photography, art (all forms), gun, and music enthusiast (definitely not an expert), a writer-wannabe, a human companion to two animals, President and co-founder of Project Tenfold Circle (non-profit organization), a supporter of animal welfare and tries to contribute to an environment-safe culture, a frustrated film maker, a crime and investigation fan, and a recovering sinner by God’s grace.

I started my passion for writing when I was in grade school. I joined the school paper but eventually stopped because I could not stand the deadlines. I write when I want. Not always easy when you have a full time job. I described it as ‘wanting to eat’ or ‘needing to pee’. Until now, the term “writer” intimidates me so I will call myself a story teller.

I have always wanted to live a life less ordinary. Am almost scared to be ordinary. I hope you can join me in my travel adventures.

I have another blog where I dump all my thoughts and opinion about anything and everything. Some of its entries on travel and food I transferred here. Feel free to visit.

Ultimately, every single thing I do is for an audience of One.

Gloria al Dios!

5 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Really great blog you have here Fox. We aime to fill our blog with beautiful photos of the world and interesting articles like yours, but from the point of view of two mid-20s guys. Have you got any advice for bloggers just starting out?

  2. Hi Ms. Fox,

    First few words kn your blog, i already know that i like your style. How do you go about in coming up with sensible words and topics. I’d like to start a blog that i would keep as my online journal or maybe make money out of it as well. Any tips on your brain storming process?

    Hoping to hear from you.

    Rino Sumang

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