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PROJECT TENFOLD: Ladders to Hygiene

On a previous post, we shared with you Project Tenfold Circle‘s I Am C Club project for 2015. Just because 2015 is over, doesn’t mean we stop. Last week, we visited again to check on progress, reinforce previous efforts, introduce the purpose of the effort to the new students, and bring in some hygiene supplies generously […]
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PROJECT TENFOLD: Propelled to Serve in 2015

We all get better in time. If we treat each person we meet and each experience we get as teachers, we become wiser. We, at Project Tenfold Circle, try to be better each year. For an organization whose volunteers are all full-time employees in our own fields, and are not very well-versed in running a […]
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They Responded

Times have changed. Read the paper, watch the news, or just scroll through your Facebook wall, and you’ll see all sorts of bad news. These sights make it so easy to lose faith in humanity. But we can’t. We just can’t. If you have been following my blog, you probably have already read about my […]
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My Furry (Sweet) Birthday – Year 7

In October of 2008, I decided to make a change in how I celebrate my year. I have gotten tired of the parties and the usual jazz. It was, also, in that year that I became a volunteer for PAWS. Every year since then, with the grace of God and the relentless support of family […]
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The Birth of a Birthday Project

A Love Story: The Project Tenfold Circle & Aeta Children’s Home

You become responsible, forever, for what you have tamed. – from the Little Prince There was no need to tame the kids of Aeta Children’s Home when we first met them. In fact, we fell in love with them at first sight. It’s been two years and four months since that first encounter when these kids […]
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My Advocacy

I am part of a non-profit organization called The Project Tenfold Circle. We were founded in December of 2009. Our mission is to extend all possible assistance within our means to improve the lives of humans and animals, and preserve the environment. We do this by encouraging people to volunteer their time and talent, participate […]
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