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Mindful Travel: 7 Ways to Travel Sustainably

This year is about to end and while we are sad over so many travel plans that didn't materialize, we are also equally grateful that we are still here - alive. At this point, we can only hope that after all these, we come out of this as better people (better than our old selves) and with a new found appreciation for travel, time and space (and everything else). Part of this renewed perspective is being able to rethink the 'way' we travel while preparing for the next one. As we restart tourism, NOW (not later) is the perfect time to plug in sustainability in our travel habits.

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A Weekend in Siargao

When Cebu Pacific first announced its direct flight from Manila to Siargao last year, I was probably one of the first ones to try luck. Flights to Siargao are not cheap. I thought the firsts usually come with a promo and I was right. Scored a cheap round trip scheduled January 2018. This trip was… Continue reading A Weekend in Siargao

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PLATE & PURPOSE: Puzzle Gourmet Store & Cafe

What do I know about Autism or any developmental disabilities in general? I thought I had a clue. I don't. Today, I was educated. Days Made Special in cooperation with Puzzle Gourmet Store and Cafe organized an event that every parent individual can benefit from - A Special Needs Parent's guide to Onboarding. The event… Continue reading PLATE & PURPOSE: Puzzle Gourmet Store & Cafe

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PLATES: Sagat Crust Food House

Most of my great food adventures and travel experiences were things I stumbled upon while searching for another. They're like bonus dishes offered to me while savoring the main course and I said, "Alright, I'll eat this a little later. Hold on!" Sagat Crust Food House is a similar encounter. It is located along National Highway… Continue reading PLATES: Sagat Crust Food House

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Food Stop: Meeting the Women Behind Books and Beans Cafe and Restaurant

Some things are really sweeter the second time around. The first time I visited and featured Books & Beans on my blog, I left with questions in my mind. First, I wondered if that colorful cabinet on their counter desk has books in its drawers. Secondly, I was also curious to know how they started… Continue reading Food Stop: Meeting the Women Behind Books and Beans Cafe and Restaurant

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Food Stop: Books and Beans Cafe and Restaurant

Sometimes I feel like I cannot stay in one place. My itchy travel feet always bring me somewhere. When am not out of my town exploring, I find myself trying little adventures here and there. A coffee lover, I like visiting new coffee shops, especially those that promote local coffee. I pass by Books and… Continue reading Food Stop: Books and Beans Cafe and Restaurant

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Food Stop: The Backyard

Bring Arman to Maginhawa St. That was the goal. Arman is a good friend of mine. He has not been to Maginhawa St. As soon as my friends and I found out that he will join the Planning Session  (October 19th) of the organization we are all part of, we changed our venue from Kapitolyo… Continue reading Food Stop: The Backyard

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Our Expenses To and From Boracay (2014)

Last weekend, while some parts of the country were preparing for a rainy weekend, we headed to Boracay. We have booked this flight since January of this year to celebrate the birthday of a dear friend. I am writing a separate entry of how the trip went. But for this post, I want to talk… Continue reading Our Expenses To and From Boracay (2014)