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Mindful Travel: 7 Ways to Travel Sustainably

This year is about to end and while we are sad over so many travel plans that didn't materialize, we are also equally grateful that we are still here - alive. At this point, we can only hope that after all these, we come out of this as better people (better than our old selves) and with a new found appreciation for travel, time and space (and everything else). Part of this renewed perspective is being able to rethink the 'way' we travel while preparing for the next one. As we restart tourism, NOW (not later) is the perfect time to plug in sustainability in our travel habits.

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PLATE & PURPOSE: Puzzle Gourmet Store & Cafe

What do I know about Autism or any developmental disabilities in general? I thought I had a clue. I don't. Today, I was educated. Days Made Special in cooperation with Puzzle Gourmet Store and Cafe organized an event that every parent individual can benefit from - A Special Needs Parent's guide to Onboarding. The event… Continue reading PLATE & PURPOSE: Puzzle Gourmet Store & Cafe

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Project Tenfold: Message Cent 2017

Message Cent is a sub-project of Furry Birthday, a personal birthday advocacy for the welfare of animals. It collects those often disregarded 5, 10, and 25 centavos hoping to raise funds to cover spay and neuter efforts of animal shelters or of pet owners who cannot afford it. Message Cent has sponsored a couple of… Continue reading Project Tenfold: Message Cent 2017

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Project Tenfold: One Kindness At A Time in 2016

Project Tenfold Circle built its road to its 7th year on one strong foundation - kindness, One Kindness At A Time. This theme became the springboard of all activities for the year. Kindness upon kindness from supporters and friends survived the year. This post hopes to recall all these. Adopt A Family  A 2015 yearend project that crossed… Continue reading Project Tenfold: One Kindness At A Time in 2016

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PROJECT TENFOLD: Ladders to Hygiene

On a previous post, we shared with you Project Tenfold Circle's I Am C Club project for 2015. Just because 2015 is over, doesn't mean we stop. Last week, we visited again to check on progress, reinforce previous efforts, introduce the purpose of the effort to the new students, and bring in some hygiene supplies generously… Continue reading PROJECT TENFOLD: Ladders to Hygiene

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PROJECT TENFOLD: Propelled to Serve in 2015

We all get better in time. If we treat each person we meet and each experience we get as teachers, we become wiser. We, at Project Tenfold Circle, try to be better each year. For an organization whose volunteers are all full-time employees in our own fields, and are not very well-versed in running a… Continue reading PROJECT TENFOLD: Propelled to Serve in 2015

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St. Vincent’s Home in Tangub, Bacolod City

Volunteering for The Project Tenfold Circle or any other charitable organization makes you realize one thing - as you go out, do your part, and extend a hand, you begin to understand how big and small your help is. It is big because you see the difference it makes. On the other hand, it is… Continue reading St. Vincent’s Home in Tangub, Bacolod City

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They Responded

Times have changed. Read the paper, watch the news, or just scroll through your Facebook wall, and you'll see all sorts of bad news. These sights make it so easy to lose faith in humanity. But we can't. We just can't. If you have been following my blog, you probably have already read about my… Continue reading They Responded

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Imagine waking up to a day without access to your personal kit – no toothpaste, no shampoo, no sanitary napkin for the female red days, no soap, etc. The fact that you can read this tells me that you can afford access to the internet and can, therefore, afford to buy your personal hygiene kit… Continue reading PROJECT TENFOLD: I Am C Club