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Guide Questions in Navigating the Tokyo Train System for the First Timer

Am not going to pretend to be an expert here but my first time in Tokyo hinted some tips I could use the next time. You could say that this post is primarily for me but I also hope it will come handy to at least one person out there brewing a trip to this […]
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PLATE & PURPOSE: Puzzle Gourmet Store & Cafe

What do I know about Autism or any developmental disabilities in general? I thought I had a clue. I don’t. Today, I was educated. Days Made Special in cooperation with Puzzle Gourmet Store and Cafe organized an event that every parent individual can benefit from – A Special Needs Parent’s guide to Onboarding. The event […]
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PLATES: Sagat Crust Food House

Most of my great food adventures and travel experiences were things I stumbled upon while searching for another. They’re like bonus dishes offered to me while savoring the main course and I said, “Alright, I’ll eat this a little later. Hold on!”  Sagat Crust Food House is a similar encounter. It is located along National Highway […]
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Project Tenfold: Message Cent 2017

Message Cent is a sub-project of Furry Birthday, a personal birthday advocacy for the welfare of animals. It collects those often disregarded 5, 10, and 25 centavos hoping to raise funds to cover spay and neuter efforts of animal shelters or of pet owners who cannot afford it. Message Cent has sponsored a couple of […]
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Project Tenfold: One Kindness At A Time in 2016

Project Tenfold Circle built its road to its 7th year on one strong foundation – kindness, One Kindness At A Time. This theme became the springboard of all activities for the year. Kindness upon kindness from supporters and friends survived the year. This post hopes to recall all these. Adopt A Family  A 2015 yearend project that crossed […]
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Books For Less 2016: The Book Warehouse is Back!

And the ocean of books for Php20 each is back! Books For Less kept its promise to bring their successful Book Warehouse back. Situated in the same spot at 643 Mercedez Avenue, San Miguel Pasig, they opened their almost month long sale yesterday. They are open August 1st- 31st except 8th, 15th, and 22nd from […]
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Books For Less 2016

Last year, I wrote about my Books For Less experience here. Recently, the same link went around again and some thought that it was current. I received inquiries and post comments about it. Well, good news is – Books For Less has released the new dates of this year’s book warehouse. I apologize for not […]
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Art BGC: A Walk of Art

Maybe inspiration, maybe a simple joy, maybe a view, a colorful view rather than just blank walls.

10 TIPS: How to be a Gracious Guest In A Pinoy Home

This post hopes to remind us of the things that we already know but can easily forget. We all want to find a gracious host but are we a gracious guest?

Batanes Accommodation: Timetravel Lodge

Where to stay in Batanes?